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Mike hopes to see the world turned upside down through local communities banding together for social change, especially churches which have recognized the radical calling to be good news to the poor, to set free the prisoners and oppressed, and to become the social embodiment of the reign of God on earth as it is in heaven. He lives with the blessed memory of his wife, in Durham, NC, and has three adult children living in three different states. He also shares his life with the Mt. Level Missionary Baptist Church in Durham, the faculty and students of Shaw University Divinity School in Raleigh, NC, and the faithful fans of Duke and Baylor Basketball in his neighborhood.

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Thursday, November 08, 2012

Ready to Start Posting Again

Back in April I let you know that this blog would be on hiatus for a while.  Everly, my wife, has been dealing with cancer since the end of March, and the ensuing months have been busy with chemotherapy and readjusting our lives to a different future than we had expected.

As of now, we have hope that the chemotherapy is effective in slowing and even reversing the growth of tumors.  We are not anywhere near seeing the cancer disappear, but she has improved dramatically since that time.  I actually have been doing some blogging of a sort, but at a different site.  There is a great non-profit site called Caring Bridge, designed and offered to people dealing with cancer and other long-term, debilitating diseases.  It gives a central spot for information and communication with family and friends.  Some of you may have been reading my posts there.  If you are interested, here is a link.  I've done most of the journal updates, with a few by Everly herself.  The opportunity to write about our experiences as well as to receive responses from others has been a blessing.  I will continue to post there.

I have also had an occasional urge to get back to this blog.  One of the most powerful moments came when the South African platinum miners went on strike.  The utter disregard of the mining management toward the needs and interests of the miners struck me deeply.  So maybe one of these days I'll pick up that topic again.

As the election season intensified in the fall, I also thought about writing on topics of relevance.  But again, the cares and concerns of every day kept me from taking the time.  I am so blessed to be able to spend my days with Everly in a way we never could before.  On leave from her executive responsibilities, we are able to share meals, run errands, and do day-to-day things that are nice to do together.  I have not been willing to trade those in for blogging.

And I'm not trading them in now, either.  I just have finally seized the opportunity to sit and write on a subject more relevant to this blog than to the Caring Bridge Journal.  So I look forward to picking up this vocation again, although I cannot be sure how often it may be.  Thanks for your support, your patience, and for your interest in my writing.

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